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Yearly Prediction 2010 Bookmark and Share

Libra Yearly Prediction For Year 2010

As per AstroSwami, LIBRA Yearly 2010 Horoscopes general zodiac predictions are:

* Ruling Planet: Shukra
* Vedic Astrology Name: Tula
* Lucky Numbers: 5,3,6,8
* Lucky Days: Friday, Wednesday
* Lucky Colors: Brown, Light Blue
* Lucky Stones: Diamond, Gomeda, Cats eye, Firoza

This year to come announces a very good period with regard to your social life, like your relations with others in the broad sense. You feel an increasing desire of freedom, at the same time as a need to create or reinforce certain alliances. You have capacities to combine these two facets from your natural diplomacy, but the need to impose yourself will be stronger than usually. You tend to harmony, this time by asserting your desires firmly. Of all the sun signs, Libra seems to be the most fortunate especially throughout 2010. All Librans have a great period ahead in the year 2010. Peace and prosperity come naturally to them in the New Year. In spite of innumerable successes, there may be instances of some failures and disappointments especially in workplaces. Don't let your confidence became overconfidence. Marriage is on card and if you are married then you will enjoy good married life. It is advisable to maintain balance between your personal and professional life in order to enjoy the best time. Work success and higher income will make you happy.

Year 20010 Libra horoscope is a stabilized period of relaxation and normalcy because of the favorable confluence of two planets like Venus and Mars. Career related aspects or money related matters might not work to your advantage especially in the first half of the year. However, the second part of the year may pose some trouble or hiccups. In summary, the year 2010 is very good for all Librans because of the stability in both job and income. It is more likely that some Librans changing their place of work and residence in the last quarter of the year. This change is always good for them as it can bring them a remarkable change in their social and personal life.

The beginning of the year pushes you to resolutely go from before worms your financial objectives, in particular those in the short run, those which are carrying satisfactions or immediate returns. On the other hand, you will be tempted to make excessive expenditure in March, which can put on a dangerous balance your budget. Fortunately these tendencies fly away as of on April 11 and bring you back to considerations. In the middle of the year, you will be best inspired to take steps which aim at improving your standard of living, you will have to force things to release necessary time to plan your budget. A return to balance and financial good news starts on June 24, you will really be able to centre you on useful and even essential expenditure. Don’t hesitate to take information on your rights at the legal level, of money re-entries will be done by this skew.

Now most of family issues would be solved. Your relations with siblings and parents would be improving. Even you may also obtain some financial help from your sibling or parents. Especially, your older brother or sister is going to provide much help. A perfect team spirit shall prevail and long standing problems shall be solved to your advantage. Finances shall be in good supply and the future shall look really rosy. If you are unmarried and eligible, chances of marriage are very bright. Especially, middle of year will prove much beneficial. Try to stay happy and be careful, don’t indulge in unnecessary disputes. You should also try to keep your partner happy or else the ego boosting which the planets are giving you at this moment may spoil your Married Life.

Details prodigiously annoy you this year, you to go straight right and you are likely to jump steps in the course of your projects. You will have to make efforts of concentration in spite of the agitation around you. Your entourage, not prepared with your current determination, must be softened in your connection, but it would be positive to make sorting between your true motivations and your tendency quarreller which don’t always match. You can discover who the most sincere people are, it is the occasion to make the sorting for then better devoting yourself to positive alliances, don’t hesitate, don’t be in the doubt. Sometimes painful choices are essential, but which will enable you to start May under better conditions.

Ascendant lord is transiting over the double sign and 9th lord mercury is transiting over the 4th house. Hence, you have various chances of traveling. Probably, these journeys will beneficial.

The 2010 annual Libra horoscope is quite good for students and scholars as well! The first two quarters of the year will help them achieve what they want in their academic life. Scholarships are a certainty for Libran students in the last phase of the year. Overseas travelling is a certainty in the middle parts of the year while scholars can produce research work of highest caliber.

Fine health is written all over for all Librans while they relax at their time to enjoy the goodness of life. However, the last few months of the year may pose some health problems related to circulatory system.

Your energy comes in major part from direct or indirect stimulations of your entourage. There is despite everything accesses of nervosity are to be envisaged because you won’t know any more where to go. Keep being vigilant on your priorities, under penalty of dispersing your energy in all directions. Your activity intensifies and claims more energy as from February and this, until the end of April. Beautiful challenge in prospect! If you take up the challenge, you will cross this high month colors with the smile.

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