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Yearly Prediction 2010 Bookmark and Share

Leo Yearly Prediction For Year 2010

As per AstroSwami, LEO Yearly 2010 Horoscopes general zodiac predictions are:

* Ruling Planet: Surya (SUN)
* Vedic Astrology Name: Simha
* Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 1, 2
* Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday
* Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange
* Lucky Stones: Ruby, Diamond

This year 2010 will enable you to advance more quickly towards achievements which hold you with heart. Your conscience to be, amplified comes to reaffirm your values and your aspirations, you test the need to say them high and strong to which wants to hear it well. You feel your major values more highly still than usually, chance is at your sides to clear up trailing situations. New friends, new love and new relations will make you happy. It is advisable not to make any changes in your career and if you are getting any good opportunity than think twice before taking any decisions. On the other hand, they could expect some moderate to serious marital problems with a lack of understanding between spouses. However, most Leos will mend their fences with their counterparts sometime during the year-end.

This year 2010 will enable you to work twice as much in your professional life. You will need to exceed you, to leave the way, even if it means to take risks. It is time to pose your stakes for the future, your ambitions are in the foreground during this period. You resolutely look towards the future, luck is with you, social confirmations escort you, the way is free. Transiting Saturn in 2nd house will be having influence on 4th, 8th and 11th houses. Simultaneously, transiting Jupiter in Aquarius will influence your 7th, 11th, 1st and 3rd houses. The beginning of this year will be very auspicious and you will receive encouraging outcomes. Your promotion prospects will be much more. Undoubtedly, the first quarter of the year would be highly prosperous for you. If you are facing any litigation and outcome is due till the middle of the year, there are very high chances of victory. Possibly, you might win and opposition will face embarrassing situations.

Partnerships and joint ventures may get a kick in the first quarter of the year. Financial projects and investment ventures will take in the expected lines. There may be one instance of hitch in the month of October when Leos may face inordinate delays in the execution of some projects. Workplace relationship and interaction with superior will be smooth throughout the year. Sales people, managers, self-employed professionals and financial controllers will find the New Year very thrilling and exciting.

Your financial life is stabilized at the beginning of year, and you will have luck on your side. Financial successes come to you, money re-entries are highly facilitated until spring. It is time to claim what people owe you, to collect benefit of sums placed, to sell with the rise personal goods, etc. Your imagination will help you with better planning your expenditure throughout the year in a judicious way, decided to place your money in a constructive direction above all. You will take good initiatives to rebalance your budget on the long run. You will have to resist, as from September, to temptations related to impulsive expenditure but neither always useful nor necessary, you will be push to the expenditure, remain objective.

Your emotional life will make intense satisfaction throughout this year. You must put your desires in correspondence with those of your close relations if you don’t want to lose the regard of those you like, and you will have more facilities to create bonds and to reinforce those which already exist.

The only problem with the 2010 Leo yearly horoscope is on the marriage side of the life. Most Leos may witness a some problems and discords in the marital relationship. It's advisable to adopt an attitude of both have an opinion and both should respect the same to avoid having this conflicts create problems for children. Leos must be careful in how they handle their personal relations with their either spouses or lovers. Your lover/beloved may be a source of favorable events. There will be some sort of get together in your family.

Planets are indicating a sequence of short distance journeys. Travelling related to higher studies appears remote at least for this year.

Slightly unfavourable transit of Mars and Jupiter may divert your concentration. It's time to show a positive attitude towards this unfavourable change by act of your KARMA says AstroSwami! Give special focus towards your long awaited research scholarship and even if it don't get materialized in the first few months of the year, donot worry, you will be paid for your efforts. However, the second half of the year looks very promising to most Leo students. Don't try to indulge yourself in unrewarding activities. You have to control your self. Only with pre-planning and hard working you may achieve your goal!

During this month planets are not indicating any major health problem. The nagging thing that may trouble many Leos is the recurring appearance of some minor ailments, though none of them is serious. Most common health ailments could relate to digestive systems, back, nervous and circulatory systems. Fatigue and weakness could also bother Leos to some extent.

Your energy will rise until April, you will not miss punch, but of brakes! The evolution of your life supports your moral in the right direction, nothing doesn’t stop you, your determination will enable you to cut down the obstacles with ease. But don’t forget that you must take time into account, you will need to proportion your energy expenses over the duration.

Yearly Predictions 2010
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