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Yearly Prediction 2010 Bookmark and Share

Cancer Yearly Prediction For Year 2010

As per AstroSwami, CANCER Yearly 2010 Horoscopes general zodiac predictions are:

* Ruling Planet: Chandra (Moon)
* Vedic Astrology Name: Kark
* Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 4
* Lucky Days: Monday,Saturday
* Lucky Colors: Orange, Red
* Lucky Stones: Moon Stone, Pearl

2010 will be favorable year for all the Cancerians. This year 2010 is heralding a fluidity renewal in your life on all plans. You will have art to simplify things all while affirming you more, which will surprise people around you. Contrary to your discretion practices, you will need to be heard. Some problems in personal life are likely to occur but you will also enjoy sound family-life. You will enjoy changes this year. From July to December few monetary problems will put you into dilemma. Your emotional status will be on peak during 2010. So don’t make any hasty decision. Think twice before doing any commitment. Some pleasant surprise in the first three months of the year will make you happy. You will also enjoy sound monetary condition. Don’t trust anybody blindly in financial matters.

If you hesitate to assert certain advantages for example or to expose your plans, particularly your ideas about operation and organization, it is time for you to act. Your intuitions don’t mislead you, it is the moment to dare to express yourself more near your superiors. Now you will find yourself full of enthusiasm and zeal. Exiting ventures or projects will prove profitable. The Ventures, which are already running would be good for you. Income would be more and expenses will be lower. There would be an enhancement in your respect. Now you will be able to live a dignified life. The first quarter of the year may be just above average for those who are seeking better career options. They may feel the intense pressure of work in the middle parts of the year while working relationship with the superior may sour in the latter parts of the year. The results obtained during this part of the year may not be too good. The middle phase of the year is extremely good for investing and making money. Bankers and investors can do well in the third quarter of the year while people looking for promotion and pay hike can expect to get their share in the first quarter of the New Year.

Your relationship with your partners will remain very good. You will profit more from the relationship especially abroad. However, the middle phase of the year would be producing some producing some problems related to career and finance. Especially, your friends and associates will try to block your way of success. You are adsveid not to keep much faith on associates as well as friends. Moreover, you should not consider about change the job. The last quarter of the year will be revolving the circumstances in your favor. You would be honored for your contribution. Additionally, you might have a chance of career growth or promotion. In the income/gain field that you will have the maximum of your cold blood capacities. Indeed, despite your activity intensifies, you will be more conscious than ever benefits which can bring to you financial safety. You will have in heart to manage your budget as well as possible, to spend your money in a judicious way, to be able to save more. New ideas, sometimes of intuitions will enable you to solve problems of the daily newspaper, you are centered on your ideals, firmly decided well to place your money in a constructive direction first of all. You are almost too rigorous! It is in particular as from April that you will have facilities to increase your profits, it is the moment to seek tracks in this direction.

Take practical information, it will be the base of your progression this year. Basic work is supported, the concentration is with return and will help you to finalize the long term job.

You will be receptive to your close relations throughout this year, it is within the framework of your hearth that you will have the most opportunities of personal blooming. It is a mixed period for love related matters. If you are in love with someone and interested in getting married with her/him, the first and second quarters will not support you at all. You might have to wait till the 3rd and 4th quarters of the year to convert you love into marriage and obtaining a legal license of marriage. It will not be always easy because you will be tempted to exert a certain domination on others. Your capacity of persuasion will be in rise, you will be able better than ever to propose your assets, this period will enable you to stabilize your love life, during the last quarters. This period will be ideal to speak about your projects of officialization of your bonds, to consider a removal, or any change which engage you in the long run. You must face obstacles which you are perfectly able to reverse, to evolve to your objectives, by removing you from the barriers very right arrivals of last which are only brakes limiters.

The 2010 Cancer horoscope indicates that the relation between family members will be excellent with everyone enjoying fine camaraderie and association. Unmarried people may find their life partners sometime in the middle of the year and some of them even marry their love during the end of the year.

Travelling is possible during the end of the year when scholars and students may travel to overseas destination for higher studies. Although for few of you, planets are not indicating about fruitful and profitable journeys. If you plan to take journeys maintain your attitude neutral to avoid any unrequired dis-satisfaction in regards to the level of expectations as the result of the journey. Keep a positive attitude!

Educators, students, researchers and scholars may find the day’s needing more hard-work, dedication & focus, going especially in the months of April and May compared to other months. You might have to face hindrances if you not stay focussed and keep presence of mind & concentration. Don't get attracted towards any unproductive activities & do your best to stay focussed. It is important that you should try to control your inner feelings.

Health wise, all Cancer people may find the New Year very pleasing and uneventful. Cancer 2010 yearly horoscope indicates the people will experience very fine health barring occasional health problems that are minor and not dangerous. However, some of you must take care of your health as you may suffer some level of health issues related to digestive system and nervous problems especially in the months of July to October. Stay FIT to keep your year eventless on the healthfront says AstroSwami!

Cut yourself from everyday life, go out, devote yourself to your preferred activities will be essential for you in these times of intense activity which don’t correspond to your natural rhythm. You profit from saturnian basic energy which in spite of the accesses of tiredness, gives you the endurance face to what is most important for you.

Yearly Predictions 2010
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