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Diet and Nutrition Bookmark and Share

We are being lied to (perhaps explicably!) by doctors and dieticians concerning FAT. This is unfortunate because in this country we have an essential fatty acid deficiency which is epidemic in proportion. Because essential fatty acid (EFAs) deficiencies can result in virtually every disease afflicting a person, it is easy to hide the true root of a disease's problem... and doctors can continue to sell the hapless individual expensive, dangerous, and ineffective pharmaceuticals a person doesn’t want or shouldn't need!

Mono Unsaturated Fat (olive oil, macadamia nut oil) is called omega-9, which means the first double bond (resulting from the removal of two hydrogen atoms) is at the ninth carbon atom from the omega "end" of the fatty acid chain (FA). This single "double bond" (DB) configuration is very stable, which means mono oils don't go rancid or turn toxic (turn into lipid peroxide) very easily. Consequently, I consider monounsaturated fat the only healthful food oil. Well except for Coconut Oil covered further below.

Poly Unsaturated Fat is called either omega-6 (corn, soy, cottonseed, etc) or Omega-3 (flax seed oil, Krill or fish oil) because at the sixth or the third carbon atom is the first double bond. However, unlike the stable mono oils, the poly configuration, with two DBs (omega-6) and three DBs (Omega-3), creates instability due to unpaired electrons. These more reactive oils go rancid and turn toxic easily.

Saturated fats -- There are ten (nine natural, one man-made {ALERT!}) types of saturated fats (SATFATS) that are unfortunately all lumped together as being unhealthy, when in reality... ONLY MANMADE HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL is, truly, bad 100% of the time.

Unsaturated Fats -- There are two major categories of UNSAT Fats. Monounsaturated and poly unsaturated. Dieticians will incorrectly tell that they are both healthy because both are liquid at room temperature. However, only mono is always good. Only some kinds of "poly" are good some of the time. Unsaturated Fats can also be divided into two other major categories. Food Oils (olive, corn, canola, safflower,etc)and medicinal oils (flax seed, primrose, borage, black currant, Fish/Krill). Food oils are never all one kind of oil. They are always a combination of mono and poly oils at different ratios with a little SATFAT thrown in. Some of these ratios are fairly dramatic, for example, olive oil is 76% mono and only 8% poly, where safflower oil is only 10% mono and 80% poly. Most of the other poly food oils are about 20% mono and 65% poly. Medicinal oils are also various combinations of the 3 FAs. (mono, poly & satfat)

Know About Diet and Nutrition
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