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Zodiac Sign Rat Bookmark and Share

In the beginning months of the years, Rat people won't see any good fortune sign. Rat people in the year of Cow, they don't have real money luck. Since Rat and Cow have attraction relationship, it looks everything will go well, but something uncertain is coming behind the scene. If you are taking salary, then your pay will get raised, but not too much. If you invest your money on stock market, you might earn some, but will lose more. Most of investment, you will buy high and sell low. If you own your business, then the business looks good, since many customers come to visit your store or company. But they wouldn't buy or order your products too much like before. Anyway, you shouldn't do the risky business in this year to avoid decreasing your wealth.

     When Rat people meet Rat year, they always have something to worry about. Career should had something, which didn't meet their expectation. Health might not be in a perfect condition. From the Spring time, their luck will be getting better. They will see people are coming to help, guide and support them.


In year this year, a couples of career related Lucky Stars are coming into your life. The signs show people will support and appreciate your working quality and you will have a chance for promotion. Therefore, you do not miss the unique opportunity, show all your job skills and abilities on your position, then you should get more responsibility, get a higher title or get a higher pay job.


One Sick Star is coming in this year for Rat people. That means the health condition of Rat people is not 100%. Rat people will have more chance to catch cold or get sick in this year. Therefore, for senior citizens with poor health need to pay more attention on their  health in the year of Cow. Therefore, if you have a senior Rat person at home, you need to make sure he or she have good nutritious food and maintain adequate sleep daily. When you have a poor health, then you should try not to visit the sick friends or attend any funeral.


The luck of Rat people in the year of Cow is fine. They can get help from supporters in their Career. Therefore, you should take this advantage to show all your strengths to people and don't miss this golden opportunity. If you lover or companion is a Rat people too, you have to manage your time well between your job and your love

Years of Rat are 1900 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008

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