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Feng Shui For Wealth Bookmark and Share

A Dragon turtle sculpture is a powerful symbol related to long lasting prosperity and the support needed for success. Place it in the north sector to enhance the wealth/water energy.

Use faceted crystals and bamboo wind chimes to active positive chi in the wealth sector.

Healthy, round leafed plants will help bring good 'chi' to the wealth sector.

A pair of male and female Foo dogs placed outside your business entrance will ward off harmful people and other negative influences that can deplete your wealth.

To increase the sales volume of your business, place a faceted crystal or crystal paperweight in the wealth sector (far right corner) of your desk. Placing the paperweight on top of your accounts receivable, contacts list, or any paperwork related to incoming funds, will cause these areas to increase. Do not place a crystal paperweight on your bill pile, as this will cause you to pay out more than you receive!!

Frequently lighting green, brown or other earthy colored candles, or one that was especially intended to energize the element of wood in the southeast is an excellent way to energize this aspect of your life.

Candles also heighten the energy and are uplifting and inspiring to the spirit as well.

Place a blue or black rug in your front entryway to symbolize a river of opportunities flowing into your home or business.

Display symbols of prosperity in this sector. Chinese coins, gold ingots, a Hotei Buddha sitting on a pile of gold coins and money frogs are all popular Feng Shui symbols for wealth.

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